How To Start An Ultra Profitable Publishing Business….

And Get Paid When People Simply Click On Ads

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How To Start An Ultra Profitable Publishing Business And ….

Get Paid When People Simply Click On Ads


An Ultra Profitable Publishing Business And Get Paid When People Simply Click On Ads”.  My name IS [YOUR NAME] and I want to say thank you for joining us today.

We will be starting at the top of the hour here.

Thanks for being here.  We are going to get started here in a few minutes as we wait for a few more people to get connected.  Again thanks for being here today you are in for a real treat.  I’m going to introduce my special guest here in a few moments.

Can we do a quick audio check on our volume levels before we get started?

If you can hear me type “I Can Hear You” in the questions area….


Great!  Sounds like you can hear me.

Ok as we are waiting just a few moments for a few more people to jump online I’d like to ask you a few questions so we can help focus our training on your needs today.

So let me ask this… type this in the questions area.. This is an interactive webinar by the way so please use the questions area a lot today.

First question….

Tell us who you are and where in the world you are connecting from?

This is a worldwide webinar and we have people from all over the world.


Second question….

What is the main reason you connected here today?  Are you just curious as to what we are doing?  Are you looking for something that works for you and your family? Or perhaps something else.  We would love to know.  Just let us know in the questions box.


Third questions…. Rate your experience level with online marketing….. Are you a brand new beginner and just getting started?  Or would you say you are intermediate?  Perhaps you have done a few things online and are getting better at it.  Or are you an Advanced marketer.  Maybe you have been around for a while and you are looking to expand your business?


No matter what level you are at….we have something for everyone today so you are in the right place.

Ok great…… let’s get started.


Welcome everyone to our special training….. “How To Start An Ultra Profitable Publishing Business And Get Paid When People Simply Click On Ads”  my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am so glad you made the decision to join us today.  You are in for a real treat as my special guest Joel Peterson is going to share a business model he has been doing for twelve plus years and has only shared this with a small group of close family and friends till now.

I asked him to come online today and give us a look inside his business and show us exactly how he discovered this business model and why it’s been so successful.  Today he is going to show us how he makes money when people simply clicks on ads.  He doesn’t have to sell any products, he doesn’t have to ship anything.  There is no customer support… nothing like that.  Just make money when someone clicks on ads.

I’ve known Joel was doing this business for a while now and when I heard that he was expanding and why…. I just had to get him on the webinar to teach us his model and exactly how he does it.

Now Joel is not a Guru…he would be the first to admit that.  I hope you find his style a breath of fresh air.  He tells it like it is and skips the hype.  I hope you are ok with that.

He has been a full-time Internet Marketer for 14 years now and has done many others things online including selling on ebay, affiliate marketing, lead generating, coaching and webinar training in fact he has taught thousands of students online over the years different aspects of Internet Marketing and he has hundreds of student success stories out there.  In fact some of the biggest names in Internet Marketing today can claim that Joel was one of the first teaches they ever learned from.

But what he is sharing today is a model that he has kept to himself for over 12 years.  Like I said only a few close friends and family have ever known about it…..and he might not tell you this but I know for a fact out of any other thing he has done online this is by FAR the most profitable.  I hope you are ok with me saying that Joel….

So let’s just get into it and get started…. We have a lot to cover today….. I’m going to be here in the background taking notes with you so with that said Joel  are you there?  Take it away!


Hey thanks Joel.  Ok wow, this is awesome.  I think a lot of people don’t even realize the potential of this business model. Like you said.  Everyone sees ads when they surf the Internet…if you spend any time on your smartphone you see ads….we know they are there and sometimes I bet you even click on them.  But to realize that when you click on an Ad you are making someone rich is powerful to think about.  Why not you?  Why can’t it be you that makes the money when someone clicks on an ad?

What I love about your partner program Joel is you have taken away the pain points.  I can tell you from experience that most people that buy a “How To” program have great intentions and dreams when they start however when they get to the point where they need to follow instructions to build a website they end up quitting because they just are not technical enough.  With your partner program, you are getting people over the hump… you are creating that site for them….actually two sites for them.  And you are creating the content and driving traffic… that’s awesome.  Plus you get new content and traffic every month…that’s pretty cool…I don’t know anyone offering that.

Guys this is a really good program.  I know Joel really cares and wants all his new partners to have success so I highly encourage you to take action now.  I know Joel only has a handful of spots available right now and my guess is they are going to go fast.

Anyway guys…. Take action now.  I give them my highest recommendation.

Thanks Joel.  Let me turn it back to you.